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We are three second year students from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland who got the Leap Mote very late into the jam and we are eager to receive any feedback and will answer all questions. Please ask them. :)

Concerning Silhouettes (the first submission):

So this is a mechanics concept demo for our Leap Motion Jam.

You are an eerie spirit of a theater-puppet revisiting your past experiences in the hands of your puppeteer. And as far as spirit memories go, they can be rather vague in the content that can be precisely recalled and mostly you are able only to recall the feeling of the memory. So you have to intrude upon the theater's current life and revisit the scenes that created the stories that you played a part in.

We designed the demo with an idea in mind that as an eventual game, the goal of it should be to create suspense and tell stories. The suspense is created by the ambiguous silhouettes, which the player has to find and discover how to interact with, if he so wishes, to uncover more of the story. The silhouettes in this demo are, however, not too ambiguous and serve as placeholders but we hope you get the idea. This process is based on playing around with various light sources that are available in the game which makes it a bit like a puzzle.

Update #1: We slightly fixed the scaling of the scene and fixed the depth perspective issue when using both tools. We felt there was an issue before that the camera was too far into the scene at the end of the first tool while you had to interact with the scene with the help of the other tool of which the end you were holding was way further back in comparison. This also somewhat fixed the feeling of the silhouettes sometimes being too far to reach.

Concerning Bedtime (final submission):

Our idea has changed quite a bit since the first submission and so did the implementation. We decided to deal with the objects intersecting by just not having to reach into the scene and poke around. Instead we are now using only lighting to uncover the game-scene. And the scene itself has changed from being theatre-like to a child's bedroom where you as a child are able to remember how it was to be alone in your bedroom during the night if you for some reason were awake and staring into the darkness. Often the darkness came out towards you in illusory shapes and you could only dispel these shapes if you took up the courage to simply turn on the lights. However, sometimes these shapes were not entirely illusory...


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